Monday, December 24, 2012

Selecting A Right Broker

Once you decide you are ready to sell, your next decision is most important: With whom will you list your Gulet? The wrong decision will likely cost you time and money! Let me offer some important points to consider:

Don't choose a broker who will be learning their trade at your expense. Choose someone with plenty of experience! Unlike many brokers who are not boaters themselves. Buying or selling a boat can have its frustrating moments. Why not have someone representing you who has been through the process over 100 times?

In order to make all this effort on your behalf, a good professional broker will provide you fallowing services; The brokerage fee is the standard ten percent. Broker services will include:

1. Comparable market analysis of current, similar listings, book values, and actual closed "comp" sales, to estimate the fair market value.
2. A personal inspection to determine what detailing or maintenance would be "cost-effective" prior to actively marketing the boat. As they say, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression".
3. Personally farming out the detailing or maintenance, if required. They use the right people to get the most value for your money.
4. Preparing a detailed specification sheet, subject to your approval, including 10 to 50 photos of the boat.
5. Sending out a broadcast email announcement featuring your Gulet to the most active brokerages.
6. Featuring your Gulet in advertising as previously discussed.
7. When negotiations are underway, communication ability is critical. They should be reachable 24 hours a day via cell/voice mail, home/office, etc.
8. Negotiation of an acceptable sales price and terms.
9. With your permission, a pre-sea trial will be conducted, if practical, to preclude any unpleasant surprises during the actual demonstration to the buyer.
10. Advise you on fair negotiation of survey recommendations, which almost always come up. Many Gulet deals fall out during survey!
11. Handling of survey repairs, title search, bills of sale, loan payoffs, insurance, offshore delivery, and closing paperwork, etc.
12. Assisting you with the acquisition of your next boat, if you so desire.


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