Saturday, October 20, 2012

Who is Gulet Group?

Gulet Group is a leading brokerage company specialized on gulets. It is also the brand of Gulet Group International Brokerage. 

International brokers are regarded as the best experts in the industry - which is probably the reason why Gulet Group's greatest source of business is through satisfied customers. It is their experience that different countries and nationalities have different needs for the same destination and such structure helps us to fulfil the expectations of our valued clients. Meticulous handling of each and every request file whether for a group or an individual is the hallmark of Gulet Group. 

Its main business focus is making returns by providing a diversified range of services to clients. Founded in 1992 and Gulet Group has long been at the forefront of the traditional gulet industry. Since 1992, They have been trusted to inform, introduce and entice their clients with new ideas, information and innovations in every aspect of gulet sales. 

Gulet Group website is the best way to find 
gulets for sale because of our extensive searchable data base of new constructions and used gulets, whether you want to research a gulet, sell a gulet or buy a gulet.

Service Contents 

Buying a gulet; expertise and experience are the most important factors. Gulet Group brokers are familiar with all the gulets on the market and strive to always find the right gulet for the right client. 

Selling a gulet; all you want is your broker to find the right buyer in the shortest period of time. Drawing from 21 years of experience in the business, Gulet International Brokerage has the largest database of potential owners, the fastest average selling time - and numerous marketing outlets at their disposal for promoting each gulet. 

Building a gulet; technical knowledge and total impartiality are qualities most sought after. Gulet Group brokers work very closely with the world's leading builders, designers, naval architects, captains and suppliers to ensure their clients' complete satisfaction. Gulet Group brokers are also experts on advising future owners on the best gulet types and sizes, materials, designs, financing and legal matters. 

Management Approach 

Gulet Group,’s strength lies in its unique structure and management style which enables businesses to exercise significant operating freedom balanced by limits on risk and observance of professional standards. Gulet International Brokerage’s management approach fosters an entrepreneurial culture among staff. Strong prudential management is fundamental to this approach. The focus of central management is on risks to Gulet Group arising from market and industry influences and issues of medium and long-term significance. 


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