Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Surveying & Surveyors Part I: General

Care should be taken when choosing a Marine Surveyor, the industry is unregulated meaning any individual can set themselves up and call themselves a Marine Surveyor.

There are two internationally recognized British based organizations that represent surveyors. The International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) and The Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA). All surveyors are vetted before they can join either of these organizations and to keep their membership both organizations have systems which ensure continuous professional development. Any legitimate practicing surveyor would be expected to be a member of some form of surveying organization. Before you choose any surveyor please check their credentials.

The buyer’s best friend when it comes to inspecting and evaluating the condition and seaworthiness of a boat is a competent marine surveyor well versed in boat construction, as well as safety and manufacturing laws, requirements and practices.

Hire your own surveyor to be sure the inspection is done with your interests in mind.  Don’t use a surveyor recommended by the seller or rely upon a survey report provided by the owner. It could pre-date existing conditions that need repair or gloss over problems that are expensive to fix, even downright dangerous.
Gulets should be surveyed both in and out of the water. Haul-out and other fees are at the buyer’s expense. Engines should also be inspected by an independent marine mechanic.

Follow up the survey inspection with a sea trial to see how the boat handles underway. Are there performance problems that make the boat unstable? Does all the gear work properly? All electronic equipment should be tested for accuracy.

Surveys and sea trials that turn up flaws or problems can either allow you to back out of the contract without penalty or can be used to renegotiate the purchase price of the boat.

There are internationally recognized independent surveyors and experts in Turkey who can assess the condition and suitability of the Gulet for its intended purpose. The marine surveyors exist on their expertise and independence. They all have personal experience of the majority of boatyards and repair facilities in Turkey and understand the Gulet charter business.


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