Thursday, February 28, 2013

When Is The Best Time to Sell Your Gulet

Unlike the small Gulets or sales of larger Gulets remain fairly stable throughout the year; there is very little seasonality in buying of boat/yachts. This makes sense, given that the weather in South West Turkey is fairly stable year-round and that there are usually larger issues driving the buying and selling of these Gulets than the season.

Having said this, winter--specifically between late April and mid- October--is generally slower, in terms of numbers of people looking at boats, than other times of the year. Note that traffic might be lighter, but prices are not affected.

The best advice is to list the boat once you've decided to sell it and have decided whether to do so yourself or utilize the services of a broker. There's no need to "wait until the spring"--the market remains active year around here in the South-West.

For the private seller it is important to research every aspect of the selling process. The best time to sell a boat will be at the start of summer when the demand is high and equally the best time to buy will be off-season.


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